About the Event

Transformed from the (Travel Industry) Executive Women’s Conference, BLLA and StayBoutique’s Female Empowerment Conference recognizes women internationally who lead in fields related to boutique, hospitality, travel, and tourism. This conference consciously creates a forum for women to support each other and to discuss, debate, and deliberate on issues of importance as it relates to the modern female achiever. As our community grows, we feel it’s important to tackle issues that influential women in the travel, tourism, boutique, and hospitality spaces much face. We consciously support all avenues to success for our network of femme entrepreneurs and professionals.

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Ticketing Information

General Admission Tickets
Access to the Conference & Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

Member: $195
Non-Member: $295

VIP Tickets
Access to the Conference, Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group, Invitation to the VIP Party, Gift Bag and StayBoutique Magazine
Member: $295
Non-Member: $395

Confirmed Speakers

Helene Henderson, Founder, Malibu Farm
Seija Ojanpera, Founder, The Dwell Hotel
Olivia Young, Founder, Box + Flow
Mary Bartlett, Co-Founder, Future Gin
Amy Atwood, Co-Founder, Future Gin
Jersey Banks, Partner, The Dive Motel and Urban Cowboy
Devon Tarby, Partner, Proprietors LLC
Ashley Wells, Co-Owner, All Time
Remy Allis, Founder, Allis
Tia Graham, Founder, Arrive At Happy
Angela Setters Bessard, Founder & CEO, Conquer Credit Management
Bianca Monica, Founder, Limone Creative
Diana Bianchini, Founder, Di Moda Public Relations
Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Partners, BLLA and StayBoutique


This was by first time attending the BLLA Female Empowerment Conference and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! It was an amazing conference in an amazing venue with amazing women! The ahenda hit the mark on many levels. The panels and speakers were dynamic, informative and fun.

Lillian Lepore-KW Commercial DTLA

It was so refreshing to be in a room filled with powerful women in hospitality! I loved the fashion forward looks as well as no stuffy suits. There were lots of forward thinking ideas and I felt that I made meaningful connections with others in the industry.

Priti Patel

I have been to many travel industry executive women’s conferences and meetings, and beyond a doubt this was the most well done and most important event for women in our industry today.

Peggy Lee

This event sparked something within me and I came back to my office eager to share ideas and opportunities that the company should explore.

Crystal Walker Cole

Sponsorship & Exhibiting Information

Please email the team to enquire at info@stay-boutique.com

Past Year’s Editions

2018 Female Empowerment Recap
2019 Female Empowerment Recap


Date & Time

March 8-9, 2020


Los Angeles, CA

Featured Speakers

Additional Speakers

Frances & Ariela Kiradjian
Partners, BLLA & Founders, StayBoutique

Bianca Monica
Founder, Limone Creative

Diana Bianchini
Founder, Di Moda Public Relations



with Tia Graham, Founder, Arrive At Happy

with Helene Henderson, Founder, Malibu Farm

Interviewed by Ariela Kiradjian

with Devon Tarby, Partner, Proprietors LLC
Ashley Wells, Co-Owner, All Time

Interview by Diana Bianchini, Founder, Di Moda Public Relations

How To Brand Boutique: A Framework for Positioning with Impact

Brand building is as much about what you offer as knowing (and evangelizing) what need you are fulfilling. Unlocking the cultural reason you exist gives flesh to brand bones which the world of boutique can uniquely capitalize on. Remy Allis, founder and strategist of Allis, a boutique luxury branding agency, will uncover the framework her firm uses to construct new-to-world brands that are culturally relevant and insatiably coveted. Special guests will discuss how they used this thinking as well as their size, bravery and agility to craft their boutique brands with impact.

with Remy Allis, Founder, Allis 

with Olivia Young, Founder, Box + Flow

Interview by Ariela Kiradjian

Ladies in Cannabis

Interview by Bianca Monica, Founder, Limone Creative

with Angela Setters Bessard, Founder & CEO, Conquer Credit Management

Ladies in Hotels

with Seija Ojanpera, Founder, The Dwell Hotel & Jersey Banks, Partner, The Dive Motel and Urban Cowboy

Common Questions

Anyone can submit an application to attend the conference by completing this form

Hotel, Concept and Vendor Members will automatically be excepted. 

If you are not a member, but you are a hotel or concept-you can apply. If you are not a member, but you are a vendor, you must sponsor the email. Email live@stay-boutique.com to learn more about sponsorship & exhibiting.

You may apply to become an official member of BLLA whether you are a hotel, a hotel management company, a vendor or supplier or service provider, or a boutique hotel business such as restaurants, retail, wellness and more. Information and registration links are located here.

Women and men who believe in inclusivity in the Hospitality and Boutique industries. We will be hosting 150 powerful thinkers who range from Boutique Hotel & Concept owners, c-level executives, designers, architects and vendors. We will also be welcoming leaders in the travel industry as well.

StayBoutique looks at each sponsorship or exhibiting request with the intention of making sure the vendors on-site have similar values to our members and audience. If you are interested, please email live@stay-boutique.com

There are no refunds for events unless the refund request is 60 days out from the event. However, you may transfer your ticket by emailing live@stay-boutique.com.

While BLLA would love to accommodate all speaker requests, it is simply not possible. We require all attendees to be properly registered through the conference site and wear a badge at all times in order to enter the conference space and pass through the event Security. 

We normally do not accept speaking requests but you can still attend and/or sponsor. You can also email live@stay-boutique.com  with any suggestions.

You can wear a suit or you can wear Gucci’s latest sweat suit. We have a special love for those of you who have a cool sense of style! Comfort and style go hand-in-hand.

The Conferences will all be recorded, however, you need to be a member in order to view the individual sessions after the event. Overview sizzle reels of the conferences will be available publicly to everyone.

You must have published work within the last 3 months. Please send link to relevant articles, stories or reviews to live@stay-boutique.com  to apply for a press pass. Please note that until your pass is approved, your registration will not be valid.

Please contact live@stay-boutique.com which reaches several people and someone will get back to you promptly.

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