The Artisans: Jessica Berry

Meet today’s artisan, Jessica Berry, who is the
Hospitality Manager at Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel!

Generation: Millennial

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida

Day Job: Teach. Solve. People. Partnerships. Connecting.

Night Job: Family, Exciting, Caring, Comfortable, Honor

Headquarters: Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel

Instagram: @stayoysterbay

Tell us what you create: Locally owned and curated, Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel exists to improve the quality of life for people who live in and visit the diverse communities we serve. 

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel | Pensacola, Florida

Tell us your mission: Ask and you shall receive.

Tell us your most noteworthy achievement in hospitality: A noteworthy achievement is all the time I took for myself to live abroad in New Zealand, all of Southeast Asia, and also did two cross countries here in the states in my 20’s.

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel | Pensacola, Florida

Tell us how your hotel impacts the world in a positive way: The purpose of Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel is to advance eco-friendly travel, community empowerment, and sustainable tourism. We can create memorable experiences with a focus on regional authenticity, modest luxury, and organic design. Offering an alternative to more corporate structures.

If you had one day to experience your hotel, what would you do?: I would sit out on the balcony with my husband and drink a glass of rosé as we watch the sunset over the bay. We would walk through the park and enjoy a romantic dinner at The District. We would sleep like babies in the well-adorned bed with are Oyster Bay eye mask and wake to sunrise while enjoying a Nespresso as we look out over the water.

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel | Pensacola, Florida

Tell us what your favorite part of being a boutique hotel operator is: All cultures have a strong tradition of hospitality, which brings people together in a genuine and heartfelt way. I am aware that no detail is too small and that sincere, intuitive service comes from the heart. I strive to keep moving forward and making communities like ours thrive while collectively working with the environment.

Tell us something that is coming up in the pipeline: Every year I host a Holiday Maker’s Market here at the hotel with local artists.

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel is a cherry-picked approved boutique hotel.