The Artisans: Phil Hospod

Meet today’s artisan, Phil Hospod, who is Founder & CEO at Dovetail + Co!

Generation: The leading edge of millennial technically.

Hometown: I’m from Montreal, I grew up around the world (Argentina, Malaysia, Teheran, and Poland) and I call NYC home.

Day Job: Creating hotels. Dreaming big. Sweating the details.

Night Job: When not found creating, I’m likely dadding (or maybe outside)

Headquarters: New York City

Instagram: @dovetailandco

Tell us what you create: At Dovetail, we believe that new experiences can shift perspectives, spark imaginations, and fulfill deeper aspirations. Our mission is to create valuable, impactful hospitality experiences that benefit our guests, communities, and partners.

Tell us your mission: I want to create hotels that only get better with time and become cherished by our guests and communities.

Your most noteworthy achievement in hospitality: I love creating joy within forgotten spaces. Our Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills was a sleepy property in a magnificent setting and through a comprehensive re-imagining, we were able to introduce it to a new demographic that craved a connection to nature and a chance to re-connect with their loved ones. It’s hard not to smile every time I visit and see how our vision has become reality.

Tell us how your hotel impacts the world in a positive way: We believe in the golden rule and investing in the people and neighborhoods that surround our hotels. Our guests are excited to dig into the dynamic nature of our locations and we want to make sure that we contribute to our communities’ continued success and diversity. This will mean something different for every property and location. In Newport, we’re working with a local soap maker, in the Catskills we have local guides teach fly fishing classes, and in Bermuda, we have a neighborhood gardener tending to our beehives. 

If you had one day to experience your hotel, what would you do?: Cambridge Beaches, our hotel in Bermuda, is situated on a 23-acre peninsula with private beaches and coves at every turn. I’d love to spend the day outside with my wife and four-year-old daughter. Cambridge Beaches is a cottage style resort, so we’d enjoy a cottage with expansive water views. At sunrise, I’d take out a paddleboard before my family wakes up. We’d meet for breakfast at the dock, take a swim in the shallow bay, and then kayak out to the private islands that surround the property for a picnic. My daughter would feed the fish that swarm an ancient shipwreck and keep an eye out for sea turtles. I’d try to play some tennis in the afternoon or get a massage at the spa if we were lucky enough. At sunset, we’d linger at Breezes, our beachfront restaurant. I’d savor a Negroni while my daughter chases butterflies. On the walk home, we’d listen to tree frogs, and count shooting stars in the Milky Way.

Tell us what your favorite part about being a boutique hotelier is: My favorite part of being a boutique hotelier is creating settings and scenarios that connect and inspire our guests and being able to share the creative process with my friends and family.

Something that is coming up in the pipeline: This Spring, we’ll be re-introducing Cambridge Beaches, a generational Bermudian resort set on a 23-acre peninsula surrounded by sea and sky. Under Dovetail’s stewardship, we’re bringing new experiences, design, and flavors to this beloved resort as it celebrates hosting guests for over 100 years.

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