The Awards Series 2022: Marram Montauk

The BLLA Team sits down with Marram Montauk, Winner of the Boutique Hotel of the Year – North America Award! Hear what Atit Jariwala, Founder of Marram Montauk, has to say.

BLLA: What is your hotel’s mission statement?

AJ: “Marram Montauk represents life’s simple pleasures – great views, great food, and great service. We are the definition of barefoot luxury.”

Marram Montauk | Photo Credit: Read McKendree

BLLA: How do you stay authentic to the boutique essence?

AJ: “Everything we do is unique and thought through from the ground up. We don’t take a playbook that we’ve done previously and certainly don’t take anyone else’s playbook. We start with defining our ethos, and then we build every aspect of our guest experience based on this ethos.”

Marram Montauk | Photo Credit: Read McKendree

BLLA: How does your team operate as a family?

AJ: “Our team is our most important asset. We try hard to treat everyone as though they are family and believe our culture is our biggest asset. We believe work shouldn’t feel like a job but part of an aspiration.”

BLLA: Why do your hotel and team believe in the boutique movement?

AJ: “I don’t think there is any other way. Hospitality, by definition, is about treating and servicing people with respect and love. It’s very hard to do in a franchise model since the brands need to stay consistent across dozens, if not hundreds, of properties. Brands are only concerned about opening up the next property, and thus, they simplify work processes versus caring about being unique or interesting. I think the world we live in mostly cares about unique experiences and not wasting a moment.”