Annabel Lawee

Founder & CEO, Breeze

A little bit about Annabel…

A Montreal native (and fitting every Canadian stereotype), Annabel Lawee began her career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. She then took a risk, moved to New York, and joined Eko as employee #8, growing with the company to eventually lead business development, sales, and partnerships.

As a frequent business traveler with Celiac’s disease, Annabel struggled to find healthy yet convenient food options at the airport — let alone options that were also gluten-free. “Airport food sucks,” she told herself, and would later use those exact words in a pitch deck to raise initial funding. Because what was once a personal struggle, morphed into the idea for Breeze: an on-demand food service designed to provide airport travelers convenient access to real, wholesome food.

A year and a half later, Breeze is now live at LAX, marking the first stop on Annabel’s journey to elevate the airport food experience. 

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