Olivia Young

Founder, Box + Flow

Olivia’s Story…

Olivia Young “livs” by the idea that the best things in life make you sweat. A self-proclaimed “life-a-holic,” Olivia believes in the power of energy. She follows many mantras including you get what you give and if you think you can, you can. Olivia is always seeking personal connection preferably over cold beer after an intense sweat.

Olivia grew up in Miami Beach among a family committed to daily exercise and congregating around the kitchen. She began practicing yoga at age 15 and discovered boxing after college, as she craved a cardio workout to bring some fight to her flow. Olivia’s daily focus on a balanced lifestyle thru food + fitness is her lifelong passion and much of which inspired her to open box + flow in NYC, the first fitness studio focusing on the integration of fight + flow.

In 2009, Young moved to New York City to attend French Culinary Institute and began an internship at Food & Wine. Following, Young joined as one of the founding executives of the Altamarea Group, a globally renowned hospitality group, owned by Ahmass Fakahany, former President & COO of Merrill Lynch & Co., and chef Michael White to develop and execute a PR framework for the fast-growing group. Expanding on her daily role at Altamarea Group as Brand & Communications Director, Young co-founded OY & Co., and Pound for Pound, hospitality consulting and brand development firms.

Despite her food focused career filled with Michelin starred feasts, Young was committed to her daily 5am wake-up and fitness regimen at local studios. She began more intense boxing training and completed her 200 HR yoga teaching certification. As a daily practitioner of intense cardio boxing followed by fast power flow, Liv realized that the combination of both exercises brought her a leveled empowerment, channeling her strength and softness. It was this balance, physical and mental, that led her to seek more in her professional life.

After many years in the hospitality industry, Young finally realized that given her commitment to early mornings working out rather than late nights of dry aged meat and aged scotch, she should make the jump to pursue her passion of fitness with box + flow®. Young practices a
‘LIVYOUNG lifestyle’ inspiring those to embrace both sides of themselves and all aspects of life. She considers balance to be boxing, burgers, backbends + beer. Liv is developing a balanced brand for the lady who can fight and the man who can flow and encourages enjoyment without limitation – committed to bringing forth a lifestyle that speaks to all things. work hard, LIVYOUNG.

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