Our Favourite Boutique Fitness Studios in Los Angeles

Have you wandered by a Boutique Fitness Studio and wondered what all the commotion was? Why they are so sweaty, grunting, but still have a laugh? It is no secret that Los Angeles is the epicenter when it comes to fitness. After all, Hollywood is on its doorstep, but while we are not all able to have a personal trainer, we can still take part and get into Boutique Fitness. What is a Boutique Fitness Studio? A Boutique Fitness Studio, in addition to the workouts on offer, is a more community-oriented approach to exercising. Far from it being chest and incline presses and isolation moves performed, well, in isolation, Boutique Fitness studios focus on the art of exercising and detoxifying as a group. It is no best-kept secret anymore; while there are plenty of gyms on every corner that offer a place to prime your posture, Boutique Fitness Studios provide that essential combination of community-oriented workouts, but with the results to match.

From an exercise perspective, Fitness Boutiques have redefined the exercise industry as we know it. The younger generations need a more tailored experience from their workouts, flexibility, and that all-important sense of community, and this means that with our exercises there comes a more personal approach to keeping fit and healthy. Diversity is the name of the game in the modern fitness world. If you like your run-down gyms in the middle of nowhere where you need to sit and focus on exercising your triceps to failure, a Boutique Fitness center will provide that shake-up you need to reinvigorate, not just your workout routine, but your friend group. With numerous locations dotted around LA, Boutique Fitness studios provide an essential backdrop to this fitness-crazed world we live in, giving you that opportunity to get fit, fun, and friendly. Here are some of our favorites, and why they fly the flag for Boutique Fitness.

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1 Barry's Bootcamp

6201 Hollywood Blvd #110

+1 (323) 848-4761

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6201 Hollywood Blvd #110

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the name of the game with this Boutique based in the heart of Hollywood. Community is the number one priority for the trainers of Barry's, and it all begins with The Red Room; where you sweat, lift, but also recover to ensure that you are pushed to your limits and to be the best you can possibly be. Feel like you cannot keep the pace? The Red Room is purposely designed with curated playlists to keep that motivation. And for all of the working hard, the team at Barry's definitely play hard as well. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Barry's ran the Decades Festival which featured performances from Leona Lewis and Snoop Dogg! Not too, shabby! Being the best you can possibly be is part of what makes this fitness Boutique successful, and it is not just about the classes; they clearly practice what they preach in terms of that community sensation. It is not only the major milestones they celebrate, but there are also so many community events that give you the opportunity to bond with other participants away from the workout setting. And with the numerous pop-up classes making appearances all around the world, it's clear that the Barry's brand is pushing itself as much as you would towards the end of your workout!

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2 modelFIT

modelFIT WeHo, West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

+1 (323) 852-3480

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8067 West 3rd Street

Do not let the name fool you, it is unlikely you will be banned for life if you are not a treader of catwalks in Milan! Respect for all walks of life is the beating heart of this fitness Boutique. While their team boasts personal trainers that work with celebrities, the goal of ModelFIT is to be confident in who you are. It may not appear like a strenuous workout when you have a two-pound weight attached your ankle, but the focus on the form means that you will feel strain upon your core like anything else before! With a diverse range of classes to suit your skillset, the strenuous workouts, combined with the main focus on having fun, means that you will exercise your aesthetic insecurities away! As you can have the opportunity to host your own event in the studio, you can get your friends into the ModelFIT frame of mind.

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3 The Wall

730 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA

+1 (323) 847-5044

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730 South La Brea Ave

A fitness Boutique where luxury meets fun. A hybrid studio that offers group classes; community and support become the two fundamental pillars you need to push through any plateau. Add into the mix the fact that it has gained positive reviews from publications a reputable as Vogue, the recommendation should be enough to pique your interest. While the guest instructors are a roster of Off-Broadway and Las Vegas performers, undoubtedly, the community feel of the space comes from Wilhelmina, the friendly canine mascot. The moment you hit the wall, take a minute or two with the most cuddly dog in Inglewood, and get back to breaking your plateau! But don't worry if you're not an animal person, you can soak up the friendly atmosphere in The Passage, the place to prepare for the next class and to connect with the instructors.

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4 Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing - West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, USA

+1 (332) 255-2788

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8544 Sunset Blvd

While the focus of Rumble Boxing is six core punches on purpose-built Aqua training bags over ten rounds, the hip-hop oriented environment makes it feel like a nightclub with your best friends. When the flashing lights go, and you see everybody else tackling their training bag, you cannot help but feel part of the team. As the trainers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, this all-inclusive atmosphere makes you ready to go. The Boutique experience is about community, and feeling inspired by the other participants. When that light system kicks in and the beat drops, you will feel like you are part of a hardcore team of pro athletes. We all need to work hard, and in Rumble Boxing, we certainly hit our limits during a training session.

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5 Shape House

Shape House - Larchmont, North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

+1 (855) 567-2346

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434 N Larchmont Blvd

A left turn to the traditional Boutique Fitness studios, Shape House focuses on the act of sweating, rather than breaking a sweat. Using FAR infrared technology in the form of a blanket, you sit, and you sweat until you are unable to sweat anymore. Featured on America This Morning, Ellen, and even the choice of the Kardashians, while the idea of sitting and sweating doesn't sound particularly appealing, the health benefits to sweating are many. The community spirit of Shape House is all in the mindset of everybody coming together to escape the constant speed of modern life. You are more than welcome to bring a friend, but it is the relax room where you catch up with your friends after getting your sweat on. There is more than one way to soak up the California sun without getting outside, and this urban sweat lodge located near Hollywood gives you the chance to decompress, distress, and sweat all your troubles away.

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6 BoxUnion

BoxUnion Santa Monica, Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA, USA

+1 (310) 882-5508

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1755 Ocean Avenue

Based in Santa Monica, their philosophy is all about boxing to the beat. While the combination of rhythmic punches and defensive movements gets you into a meditative state of mind and hit your flow state, the real community aspect of this Fitness Boutique is all about people coming together as one to uncover their hidden focus. No experience? No problem! Boxing is one of those sports that can be intimidating upfront, but the ambassadors and coaches, who come from all walks of life, skills, and disciplines, make sure you get a high-intensity cardio strength training workout while making you smile. If anything, it's worth going just for the playlists. Want to get jiggy with it? A Will Smith classic is never far away from the sound system!

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