The Color Queen

Alexis Jessup of Colors Collective sits down with us in StayBoutique’s edition of Flourishing Ideas

Founded by Alexis Jessup, Colors Collective is a content and design studio that is based in Brooklyn. In the studio, products, content and experiences are created with a focus on color, positivity and collaboration. Alexis works as a photographer as well as a creative director and has seen great levels of success with her creations.

Originally, from Putney, Vermont, she is inspired by numerous things around her in the world when creating her incredible designs. Even upon viewing the Colors Collective website, there is clearly an astounding level of creativity with her designs. Indeed, Alexis uses colors boldly with different materials and unique ideas to form something completely new and original. Alexis favors Neon colors over muted designs and this is definitely apparent when viewing her incredible creations. The founder is also fascinated by urban life as well as isolated locations in the middle of nowhere. This is a key area where she finds a great deal of her inspiration.

Alexis began as a designer and used content to market her message and products. It wasn’t long before she began developing her own colorfilled content which became the inspriation for the company as it exists today.

Alexis is of the strong belief that no two clients are identical. As such, she makes sure that she works hard to create content that matches the individual needs and requirements of a client as well as their specific vision for a brand.

QuickFire Questions: The Basics

Occupation: Photographer / Creative Director
Instagram: @colorscollective
Hometown: Putney, Vermont
Studio Location: Brooklyn, NY

Alexis at Work
Image by The Brothers Buoy

QuickFire Questions: The Details

Neon or Muted: Neon
Urban Life or Suburb Life: Urban Life but also rural life (I’m talking middle of nowhere/woods!)
Popular or Indie: Indie
Serif or Sans Serif: Sans Serif
Studio Light or Natural Light: BOTH (Depends on the day!)

SB: Describe your company. 

AJ: Colors Collective is a Brooklyn based creative content and design studio that focuses on producing exciting and relevant content, products, and experiences that celebrate the spirit of collaboration, positivity, and of course color! 

SB: Explain what you create. 

AJ: Colors Collective creates custom colorful images, experiences and products for brands of all sizes. Colors Collective also has a heavy focus on collaboration and teams up with other creatives to make visual ideas come to life! 

SB: Tell us what your favorite projects have been.

AJ: Thus far, my favorite projects have been working with Smarties (Candy Company) to create general content, and specifically the Empire State Building which I made out of thousands of Smarties. Another project that I absolutely loved was my collaboration with Paypal to create an installation at their Cash n’ Back pop up in Soho, NYC last summer. For that project, Colors Collective was tasked with designing and creating a gigantic wall and chandelier made out of lollipops. Most recently, my favorite collaboration was with the creative agency, The Brothers Buoy, we worked together to create a series of surreal portraits. The process was so engaging and really flowed seamlessly from start to finish!  

SB: List the basics you have in your studio. 

AJ: Seamless backgrounds in every color of the rainbow





Props, Props, Props

20 giant bins full of candy 


SB: Describe the project you are working on now. 

AJ: I am currently working on a few top secret projects, all of which are super exciting and I can’t wait to show the world! Additionally, I am working on collaborating with other creatives much more than ever before. I love the process of working with others. I believe that the most learning and growing occurs during collaborations!

SB: Identify your sources of inspiration. 

AJ: I have so many sources of inspiration, and they are also always changing! Some of my constant sources are as follows: The natural world (specifically plants and ecosystems) architecture, and abstract works of art. Some individuals that continue to inspire me include photographer Aaron Tilley, Sculptor and Artist Donald Judd, Lighting Sculptor and Artist Dan Flavin, and Architect Zaha Hadid.  

SB: On the topic of Boutique, define your view of the word. 

AJ: I define Boutique as a lifestyle more than anything because it is a unique way to live and experience. To me, Boutique means original, particular, one of a kind… a special moment of place and time.