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Our Founder Reviews Kappa Senses Ubud 

by Ariela Goharik Kiradjian

At Kappa Senses Ubud, the age-old tales of the Ramayana Sanskrit epic are artfully interwoven into the resort’s very fabric. Amidst the contemporary design, guests can find touches of tradition, from intricate wooden panels and statues to exquisitely carved walls. This luxurious haven offers 76 lavish accommodations: 54 villas, each with its own private pool, and 22 suites that grant sweeping terraces with views of Ubud’s quintessential jungles or the resort’s alluring jungle and river pools. Notably, 11 of these suites come with the added indulgence of a private Jacuzzi, making for an immersive Balinese experience.

The Top 5

Here are my top 5 favorite things about Kappa Senses Ubud:
1. The breakfast buffet overlooking the rice fields in an open air space
2. The spaciousness of the suites with the indoor/outdoor design concept with the villas
3. The French flair
4. The customer service
5. The quality of the mattress (which meant I had a deep sleep every night) 

Tips & Tricks

They offer a complimentary photoshoot session, take it! They give you one edited image at the end (you can buy more if you wish)

They are really rooted in culture and offer an array of activities everyday that are complimentary for guests. I highly recommend working these into your schedule. When you book your hotel you can also ask the front desk team to create an itinerary for you. 

Consider upgrading to a villa so you can get the outdoor bathroom experience, it was a highlight of my trip. 

Their laundry service is excellent. 

Some mornings they offer traditional balinese music during breakfast, ask the front desk when this is scheduled. 

Walk around the grounds, there are a lot of hidden sanctuaries. Don’t miss out on walking the permaculture garden. 

First Impressions

After a 33-hour journey to reach this pristine island, my weary feet touched down, eager for rest. The attentive team at Kappa Senses had already orchestrated a smooth transition for me; a driver awaited my arrival at the airport. The ensuing 90-minute drive to the hotel was not just a commute but an engaging cultural exchange. My driver, with his heartwarming demeanor, regaled me with stories, turning the drive into one of the most memorable conversations of my trip.

Despite the late hour of my arrival, the hotel emanated warmth, with welcoming smiles and a refreshing drink at the ready. The check-in experience was refined and personal. Instead of the usual stand-up transaction at a counter, they ushered me to a comfortable couch, poured a drink, and seamlessly managed the documentation.

Anticipating my brief stay, the diligent team had proactively curated an itinerary for me, ensuring every moment of my two-night sojourn was spent absorbing the best the property and its surroundings had to offer.

The Rooms

Each room is equipped with the following amenities:

• Complimentary Wi-Fi

• Individually controlled air conditioning

• 300 thread count cotton bed linen

• 43-inch flat screen TV

• Satellite TV channels

• Electronic personal safe

• Private minibar

• Complimentary coffee, tea and bottled mineral water

• Exclusively crafted bathroom amenities

• Umbrella

• Hairdryer

• Yoga mats (on request)

Nestled in the lush Danu Jungle, Kappa Senses Ubud offers a diverse range of accommodations. The 11 Jungle Suites promise duplex-style comfort with breathtaking jungle views, while the Deluxe Suites flaunt private Jacuzzis on verandas. The standout Deluxe Pool Villa boasts an expansive infinity pool with rice paddy views. Meanwhile, the Danu Retreat houses 39 private villas and 12 special villas that give guests an intimate view of Ubud’s iconic rice fields. For those seeking luxury, the two-bedroom villas offer spacious living with mesmerizing vistas, ensuring a blend of nature, comfort, and opulence.


Tucked away amidst the verdant rice terraces of Ubud and the rich tropical jungles of Ubud-Bali, with its neighboring sacred sites, Kappa Senses emerges as a hidden gem, a haven crafted for sensory revitalization. Conveniently situated, this retreat is just a brisk 10-minute drive from the bustling center of Ubud town.

Located roughly a 90-minute drive north of Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, one finds a destination awaiting exploration. Ngurah Rai, a hub of international connectivity, welcomes flights from prominent carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Garuda, Jetstar, Qatar, and Emirates.

Wellbeing & Sustainability

Kappa Senses has fostered an impressive alliance with the renowned French skincare brand, Clarins, elevating their wellness offerings. Their spa, OmTara, is an oasis of rejuvenation comprising seven treatment rooms, a beauty and hair salon, vitality pools, a state-of-the-art gym, a traditional hammam, and a vichy shower. I had the privilege of indulging in a facial and massage set in a private open-air pavilion, with serene views of the rice terraces stretching beyond. While the premium quality of Clarins products truly enhanced the experience, a word of feedback — the intermittent sales pitches, which spanned about 20 minutes, were a tad distracting from the otherwise blissful ambiance.

Taking sustainability and dining innovation to the next level, Kappa Senses boasts an expansive permaculture garden. This testament to eco-consciousness embraces a farm-to-table philosophy, meticulously designed to mirror the diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems. From fragrant herbs and succulent vegetables to an array of fruits, microgreens, and even edible flowers, everything grown in this lush enclave adheres to organic principles, underscoring the resort’s commitment to both the environment and the palate.


Kappa Senses Ubud, in its essence, offers a curated blend of culture, leisure, and indulgence.

Retail Boutique: This is not just a shop but a portal into Bali’s rich artisan culture. The boutique showcases an exquisite array of locally-sourced handicrafts — from handwoven baskets and silk to intricate pottery and jewelry. One can also find ornate fabrics and materials, offering a tactile connection to the island’s traditions. For those inclined towards wellness, the retail section also displays Clarins products and the resort’s signature amenities, all thoughtfully selected for guests to take a piece of Kappa Senses back home.

The Floating Library: A bibliophile’s haven, the library boasts an eclectic collection ranging from novels and newspapers to cultural publications and global journals. With an extensive compilation of encyclopedias, it’s a space that invites both casual reading and deep dives into various subjects. Adjacent to the library, an outdoor lounge beckons — designed as an activity hub for guests, it’s the perfect spot for intellectual exchanges or simply unwinding.

Pools: The Jungle Pool is an ode to nature. Nestled in the resort’s southern expanse and surrounded by a verdant tapestry of jungle foliage, its design is inspired by nature’s rivers, inducing serenity reminiscent of the tales from the Ramayana epic. And for those looking to stay active, a jogging path winds through this lush landscape.

The Retreat Pool is the resort’s heart. A 24-meter lap of infinity, it offers panoramic views of the rice terraces and Ubud’s iconic jungle scenery. Here, one can bask in the Balinese sun, experiencing relaxation in its purest form.

Ubud Swing: For a dose of fun and unparalleled views, the resort’s swing stands out. Overlooking Ubud’s emblematic jungle and rice fields, it promises an exhilarating experience, ensuring guests are wholly immersed in the resort’s charm without ever stepping out.


In the heart of Kappa Senses, gastronomy isn’t just an offering; it’s an art form. Elegantly termed “Epicurean Nests,” the resort boasts three distinct dining venues, each with its own flair.

Kelapa is the first of these culinary experiences. Seated in a secluded cabana, I indulged in the natural sweetness of fresh coconut water, complemented by a serving of pita with hummus and a papaya smoothie. This poolside haven is perfect for those seeking a laid-back, alfresco dining experience.

Kepuh became my breakfast sanctuary. Each morning, I claimed a seat adjacent to the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, offering me a glimpse into the lives of the local rice workers who would often greet me with a smile. My daily ritual involved a Matcha latte in hand, soaking up the Balinese sun, while overlooking Ubud’s picturesque rice terraces. Kappa Senses prides itself on an exquisite breakfast buffet, seamlessly blending traditional Balinese delicacies with western favorites — and their presentation? Simply impeccable.

The third dining gem is Kokokan. Regrettably, I couldn’t experience their offerings this time around, but it’s bookmarked for my next visit.

As for libations, Kappa Senses presents two bars. Lianas, the pool bar, is ideal for a sunlit sip, while Bale Gourmet offers a more sophisticated ambiance. I had the pleasure of partaking in their high tea at Bale Gourmet — the pastries were a revelation. With every bite, it became evident that the hotel carries a touch of French finesse, evident in the buttery, delectable sweets they serve.

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