An Interview with Jordan Gafa

The StayBoutique Team sits down with Jordan Gafa, General Manager of Orli La Jolla, as he discusses what’s in the pipeline for 2023!

SB: What are you seeing as a positive change for travelers coming into your hotel?

JG: Since opening in October, we have been finding that travelers are seeking accommodations that feel more like a homestay in a cozy and thoughtfully designed environment where they can unwind and enjoy their travel experience. The modern traveler is no longer seeking traditional experiences that the larger chains provide. Instead, they are choosing local and independent brands where they can forge connections with our small team and explore the local’s way.

SB: What are some new things coming to your hotel in 2023?

JG: As a newly opened brand in 2022, we spent the majority of our time focused on the in-room experience as well as building out our management and operating team. In 2023, we are launching robust programming and activations that will further elevate the Orli guest experience – think a local barista making fresh coffee in the courtyard, a local pop-up store, a thought-provoking wellness class, as well as additional in-room packages.

Orli | La Jolla, CA

SB: Are you implementing any wellness amenities into your hotel? 

JG: We are always working to implement additional wellness amenities into our hotel. We are currently working to establish a monthly schedule for yoga in the courtyard, sound healing ceremonies, as well as in-room massages. We also continually improve in-room perks such as local juices, wellness remedies, and so on.

SB: Do you have any new items on your menu at your restaurant/bar?
If so, what is an insider’s top tip on what to order?

JG: We, unfortunately, don’t have an onsite restaurant, but La Jolla’s culinary scene has no shortage of food and beverage. We are also working with local restaurants to bring their expertise and flavors into the Orli guest experience to ensure a memorable and unforgettable stay.  

SB: Are there any local small businesses that you work with?
If so, please describe your partnership. 

JG: Orli is extremely proud of its local partnerships. Our goal is to provide hyper-local experiences to each and every guest. One way we do this is by offering an array of in-room packages created by local businesses. Think a charcuterie board from our local cheese shop, fresh flowers from our local florist, and fresh pastries from our local baker.

Orli | La Jolla, CA

SB: Anything else you’d like to share?

JG: Orli has had no shortage of positive media coverage since opening, and we are so thrilled for what’s in store in 2023. There is always room for improvement, and we are so eager to continue to improve based on guest feedback and recommendations. Keep an eye out for new offers and packages which go live later this week…one of which is just in time for those couples traveling for Valentine’s Day! Offers:

Orli La Jolla is a cherry-picked approved boutique hotel.