An Interview with Peter Yeung

The StayBoutique Team sits down with Peter Yeung, Managing Director of Walker Hotels, as he discusses what’s in the pipeline for 2023!

SB: What are you seeing as a positive change for travelers coming into your hotel?

PY: Travelers are no longer just looking for a room to sleep in – they are looking for curated experiences that highlight the local culture. Since the pandemic, we have seen an uptick in leisure transient travel, but corporate travel is slowly coming back! We are finding individuals want to extend their business trips a day or two for pleasure, taking advantage of what their destination city has to offer. Guests are willing to pay more for access to unique experiences, whether that be neighborhood tours or art gallery partnerships – among other things.

SB: What are some new things coming to your hotel in 2023?

PY: We just celebrated the debut of Chef Fernando Trocca’s Argentinian eatery, Mostrador NYC at Walker Tribeca, which is now open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The 45-seat restaurant pays homage to the traditional South American lunch counter, taking inspiration from the flavors of the region as well as the Middle East and Mediterranean with a focus on produce-forward, whole food dishes and a daily rotating menu of seasonal salads, sides, proteins, and pastries. What is great about it is the menu rotates daily!

The lobby has been and will continue to be host to unique activations throughout the year, including regular music and entertainment. Our first larger event for 2023 will be a Galentine’s Day event, featuring a risque cupid to inspire mingling for guests and New Yorkers alike. In April, we will be converting two rooms into an art installation, transforming them into a stunning immersive art experience overlooking Broadway and Walker Street.

Walker Hotel Tribeca | New York, NY

SB: Are you implementing any wellness amenities into your hotel? 

PY: This spring, we plan to host facial yoga classes followed by ‘glow-up’ makeup sessions. This will be coupled with mediation offerings and talks with an acclaimed self-wellness speaker.

SB: Do you have any new items on your menu at your restaurant/bar?
If so, what is an insider’s top tip on what to order?

PY: It is definitely the Bacon + Egg + Chipa dish offered at brunch at Mostrador NYC! It’s a salty, savory delight with egg and bacon on a Chipa, an Argentinian cheesy pastry bread that also happens to be gluten-free. You can add avocado for an extra flair. An absolute must-try.

SB: Are there any local small businesses that you work with?
If so, please describe your partnership. 

PY: To highlight all the amazing art galleries found in the Tribeca neighborhood, we’ve partnered with a few of the ones surrounding Walker Tribeca to create a self-guided walking tour. Visit 125 Newbury, Deli, 1969, Jane Lombard and Andrew Kreps, among others, and receive a Walker stamp in your passport. Once your art passport is filled, it can be redeemed for a beverage at any of our F&B outlets.

Walker Hotel Greenwich Village | New York, NY

SB: Anything else you’d like to share?

PY: Our Best Offer of the Year launched company-wide on January 5th, offering discounts on bookings at both Walker Hotels. We will also be hosting the Galentine’s event mentioned previously on February 10th and are looking forward to a fun evening. Stay tuned!

Walker Hotel Tribeca & Walker Hotel Greenwich Village are cherry-picked approved boutique hotels.