Awards: The Wayfinder Hotel

The BLLA Team sits down with The Wayfinder Hotel, Runner-Up for the Best Boutique Hotel of 2021 Over 100 Rooms Award!

BLLA: What is your hotel’s mission statement?

TWH: The Wayfinder is a guide to the Newport that we love.”

BLLA: How do you stay authentic to the boutique essence? 

TWH: “We are not a hotel built by an algorithm. We are not a hotel built by a focus group. We are a hotel built by personal connections, stories, and idiosyncratic preferences.”

BLLA: Why does your hotel and team believe in the boutique movement?

TWH: “We believe that life is better when we are together. We believe that joy is essential. We believe that life is enriched by exploration and new experiences. And for us, boutique hotels provide the perfect stage for each of these ambitions.”

The Wayfinder Hotel is a cherry-picked approved boutique hotel.