Bi-Weekly Coronavirus Boutique Community Rundown

A BLLA Series

With the overwhelming amount of information out online, we have selected the top news stories covering the pandemic and have outline them below and in our weekly newsletter (subscribe here).

London hotels work with NHS
London hotels, including the Maybourne Hotel Group’s, Claridge’s, property is among many working with government healthcare to provide housing.
Source: New York Times

New collaboration from hundreds of breweries
In an effort to help all those who have been a part of the rise of breweries, a new campaign and recipes titled, “All Together,” has come about to help the workers.
Source: Paste Magazine

Opportunity with coronavirus from real estate investors
Looking back at the recession, there may be more opportunity with this current crisis for real estate investors, especially Starwood Capital, Brookfield and Blackstone.
Source: The Real Deal

Non-urban communities upset over influx of urban visitors
Resort communities face a crisis of their own with urban visitors flocking deserted areas, which are causing many problems.
Source: Skift

Government aid is not enough to help the industry
The $2 trillion dollar financial stimulus package is not enough and is something that is only short term. The industry and government will need to continue to strategize more long term initiatives.
Source: CNN

Hotel big brands face struggles post-crisis
“Brand bloat” has been an issue with big brands for the last 4 years as they attempt to enter the boutique & lifestyle market. Will they survive?
Source: Skift

Letting go of staff gets personal for small business owners
Small business owners are those that are very hands-on and having to let go of employees, hurts from the heart.
Source: New York Times

California hotel owners getting paid to house the homeless
A new initiative, called Project Room Key, will beginning to take place by the California government and mostly funded by FEMA.
Source: The Real Deal