Inside the Minibar

Amenities to Die For
A Collaborative Photo Shoot Between StayBoutique and Colors Collective

In 2019, branding and packaging are nearly as crucial to success as the quality of a product itself; arguably more so in the age of social media – a fact that we thought we would highlight through a still life photo shoot featuring some of our favorite boutique brands.  The products included within “Inside the Minibar” are small luxuries that we love to keep within our personal homes. These are products that we love the aesthetic of – pieces we gladly leave out for our friends to find in our “mess of a home,” or in the background of a “candid” selfie.  They are also pieces we genuinely love to use, and continue to come back for more of.

This was one of the most creative and enjoyable shoots we’ve pulled together to date, and we hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Icelandic Glacial

A staple in hotel minibars across Iceland, including the deluxe LXR Resorts hotels, Icelandic Glacial brings Scandi-chic to beverages. The water itself is sourced from the Ölfus Spring, which is one of Iceland’s legendary natural springs. The water is incredibly pure with a low mineral content and is completely carbon neutral. It’s certainly the water bottle of choice to have in the background of selfies these days.


These days we all know of the importance of staying safe in the hot sun, but now thanks to the Californian brand COOLA, we can do that with plenty of style. Coola has quickly become a hot brand that all of California’s chicest beachgoers love to flash when soaking up the sun.


When it comes to choosing toiletries, most people are now interested in looking for eco-friendly options that aren’t full of synthetic ingredients. If that sounds like you, then LATHER needs to be on your radar. There’s a complete range of shampoos, shower gels, and other luxury bathroom products that will leave you looking good without feeling guilty about the environmental impact.

4. Supergoop!

If you aren’t applying a daily SPF, you really need to start doing so. Supergoop! makes that easy to remember as you will certainly want to use these stylish bottles of sunscreen next time you find them in a boutique hotel. There are even creams that are suitable for the kids too!

Blackbow Sweets

For a sweet treat, there really are no better goodies than what you will find in the Blackbow Sweets range. From candied walnuts and pecans to rosemary truffle almonds, this brand will really change the way you think about snacks. Now you can enjoy something delicious and healthy when you are relaxing in your hotel room!

Good Day Chocolate

Chocolate lovers out there will be filled with joy whenever they spot Good Day Chocolate in their minibar. The brand has vitamin-packed chocolate treats for both adults and children, and the delightful characters on the packaging are enough to entice anyone.

Four Sigmatic

If you are a lover of superfoods, then look no further. Four Sigmatic offers a wide range of mushroom-based products that come with multiple health benefits. From mushroom coffee to teas, there’s certainly loads of interesting things to try.

1888 Mills

1888 Mills is an international leader in the luxurious textile industry and are a staple in many boutique hotels. You’ll certainly enjoy a good night’s sleep in their sheets, and the towels are always the fluffiest way to end a relaxing bath.

Splendid Spoon

If you enjoy staying in self-catered boutique apartments, then you might have already heard of the meal-kit brand Splendid Spoon. They create meal kits that have everything in to make delicious meals. We know that these kits put a smile on a lot of travelers’ faces when they find them in their accommodation!


A great way to prevent any sweet tooth cravings is to snack on delicious Smashmallows. These are marshmallows with a difference; not only do they taste great but they feature no GMO ingredients or other harsh chemicals.


One of the top brands for stylish kitchen equipment right now is simplehuman. In fact, you might start to notice these products in deluxe hotels and apartments up and down the country.

Image by Alexis Jessup, Founder, Colors Collective
Created for StayBoutique