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Hotel Maisonnave

“Quality, style, elegance, warmth, peace and tranquillity. A caring hotel, inspired by you, to make sure that you experience an unforgettable stay.After fully refurbishing our hotel in 2013, we now have a 4 star rating. During this refurbishment, we carefully supervised every little detail, to successfully create some exceedingly well-appointed rooms, striving to provide our guests with all the comfort and convenience that they expect and deserve. Our hotel has specifically been designed to make our guests feel at home; that’s why they come back time and time again, and also rate us highly and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.”

The Ultimate Cozy Boutique Hotel Getaways for Couples

Ett Hem – Stockholm, Sweden Whisk your loved one away to the heart of Stockholm, where “A Home” awaits you….

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Top 5 Boutique Hotels to Experience the Best of Fall Foliage

Awol Stowe – New England, U.S.A. Location: Stowe, Vermont, U.S.AHighlight: Set against Vermont’s autumn tapestry, AWOL Stowe perfectly combines modern…

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A French Boutique Hotel Has Landed in Bali

Our Founder Reviews Kappa Senses Ubud  by Ariela Goharik Kiradjian At Kappa Senses Ubud, the age-old tales of the Ramayana…

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The Artisans: Chris Cline

Meet today’s artisan, Chris Cline, who is the General Manager of Hotel Santa Barbara! Generation: Generation X Hometown: San Ramon,…

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The Artisans: Michelle Barnet

Meet today’s artisan, Michelle Barnet, who is the Founder & Chief Pineapple Officer of Staypineapple! Generation: Generation X Hometown: Bellevue,…

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