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Schwan Locke

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Calm Creativity


Landwehrstraße 75, 80336 München, Germany

Close to the city centre, and just minutes from Theresienwiese, the site of Oktoberfest, our first opening in mainland Europe is a Locke location not to be missed.

The vibe is one of calm creativity – think stunning art, one-of-a-kind furniture and mid-century industrialist design inspired by Munich’s Werkbund movement. The community is open and inclusive, with shared living spaces and an artisan pantry. And the apartments are both spacious and sophisticated. Make yourself at home in the Bavarian capital, and see a side to Munich most tourists miss.

Features & Amenities

Inspired by the Werkbund concept of layering, colour palettes in our living spaces are a mixture of three deep hues. The mid-century industrialist style features chrome, steel and veneered wood. And we also have an extensive turn-of-the-century art collection on display throughout our ground floor.

In your light-filled apartment, you’ll have a fully-fitted kitchen and all the space you need to sleep, work and live. If you want to eat in, our pantry has all the ingredients you need to rustle up a culinary feast.

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