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Villa Cernigliaro dimora storica

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A charming Italian hotel near Milan


Via Clemente Vercellone, 4, 13817 Sordevolo BI, Italy


Boutique B&B

Villa Cernigliaro is an anti-fragile non-profit experimental artistic reality which, moving autonomously and emancipated from the institutional system, catalyzed a comparison between historical avant-garde and new artistic trends. Carlotta Cernigliaro, committed to the perpetual redevelopment of Villa Cernigliaro, has transformed this Cultural Heritage in a historic home gallery of independent visionary resistance. Villa Cernigliaro is now a museum that you live in, a home for pioneers of languages, a place where dialogue with contemporaneity is integrated into everyday life in a magical synergy that generates new projects immersed in a domestic atmosphere with a historical imprint. The 5 good reasons that make Villa Cernigliaro the must of an origynal style, much more than a simple hotel, if you are looking for a unique place of its kind, full of charm, that has an amazing history: 1) Ancient history. The historic “Antonicelliana” house is an authentic jewel of Italian Culture: thanks at the beginning of the century just passed to Franco Antonicelli, the Villa becomes a place of encounter and thought of that group of antifascists intellectuals called the “moral spiritual collective”, among the many: Ginzburg, Bobbio, Pavese, Einaudi, Frassinelli, Croce, Mila, Zini, Pirandello, Montale, Colonnetti, Frassati, Linati, Levi, Tessa and many others. 2) Contemporary history. The Villa today boasts an interesting permanent collection collected during the last twenty years. National and international artists, of absolute importance, or emerging young people, they left one of their own here artistic testimony. The presence of works of contemporary art in an ancient setting is a peculiarity of this mansion which makes the atmosphere even more sparkling and fascinating. 3) The heart of the Dimora. A heart that beats strong with an original inspiration, capable of melting philosophy and art, which evokes quality and elegance, the result of a historical one elective affinity. A setting between the eighteenth century and Liberty, the centuries-old park and gardens provide a romantic setting with a touch of ecochic style to give that sustainable footprint, today a lot necessary. 4) Warm hospitality. The comfortable suites for newlyweds and guests who come from afar they retain the intimate and refined charm of the past.The spectacular breakfast on the terrace overlooking the mountains, on the centuries-old park with gardens, it is served simply Italian style. 5) The organizational machine behind the scenes. In the Villa the staff is present and prepared for the synergy to be employed with each professional who collaborates; he is able to assist in planning, technical, artistic and kitchen brigade roles; is ready to find solutions to any unforeseen events in total discretion.

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