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Zanjan Boutique Hotel

This hotel has been hand-picked by the StayBoutique team and verified as an authentic boutique hotel


Historical Boutique


No 3, Alaei Alley, Ziyaei Street, Zanjan City, Zanjan Province, Iran Country

We are Zanjan Boutique Hotel, the first boutique hotel in Zanjan province, Iran. A house that is 250 years old, and we renovated for 3 years. Now, we host all domestic and international travelers for 3 months since we opened.

We have 7 rooms in this boutique hotel, and the rooms have different interior designs. We have chosen seven historical dynasties of Zanjan, and every 7 rooms present one period. From the oldest; Achemenied, Sassanied, Seljuk, Ilkhanied, Safavied, Qajarid and Pahlavi dinasty.

7 periods which is important for Zanjan history.

Also, we serve food and dessert for that period. We serve all of that including Starter Food, Main Food, Dessert, and related drinking.

Of course, this process continues, and we hope we can add other food for these periods.

Features & Amenities

  • Private bathroom
  • Free private parking
  • Special food menu
  • Travel services
  • Conditioner
  • Free mini bar
  • Free mini coffee
  • Tower
  • Safe box
  • Clothes box
  • Towel slippers
  • Laundry services
  • Taxi service
  • City tour
  • Massage
  • Iran visa application
  • Medical services
  • CIP and VIP services

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