The New Paradigm: Week 01

Adaption in the Boutique Community

By Ariela Kiradjian

As the Hospitality and Travel Industries navigate a new world,  there will be those that adapt to change and those that refuse. If we look at the track record of boutique hotels and businesses, they have always been the first to get creative and adhere to a new normal. By showcasing great examples of pivoting (the second biggest trend word next to Coronavirus), we hope to inspire our community of ways to embrace the journey we are all on together.

Each week, BLLA and StayBoutique, will come out with a list of four companies that embrace this New Paradigm. This week’s list is comprised of online art, to pop-up shops to relief funds and to digital wellness. 

  1. sbe creates sbe Relief Fund
    Founded by Sam Nazarian

    Sbe is a collection of hotels, restaurants and bars all over the world. Their Founder knew that many employees would have to be let go, but he decided to do what he could to help. So far, Sam and his team have sent over 2,000 care packages to his employees all of the US. Caring from your employees, even if that is not a paycheck

  2. Six Senses Resorts creates At Home with Six Senses
    Founded by Neil Jacobs

    This resort collection has always redefined wellness in hospitality so it comes to no surprise that they launched a free, at-home wellness program for their audience. They are offering meditation, yoga and healthy recipes to help the mind, body and soul during this isolation time. 

  3. The Betsy Hotel Creates an Online Art Salon Program

    On Ocean Drive in Miami, this boutique hotel has always valued art. Thus, when they heard about the downward spiral of the current travel landscape, they decided to partner with FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios to host weekly art salons for their audiences.

  4. Old Clare Hotel creates BS Shop
    Founded by Loh Lik Peng

    This boutique hotel in Australia got really creative and decided to take their inventory at their hotel and offer it to hotel-loving guests through an online pop-up shop. This adds a new revenue source for the hotel and it keeps their followers engaged with them.

Check back next Wednesday to discover four more boutique hotel adapting to The New Paradigm.