SaltLine Hotel

Located in the heart of the Oregon Coast, SaltLine Hotel envelops you in a world of comfort, luxury & adventure.

From the state-of-the-art saltwater pool to the boutique-style fitness center, SaltLine Hotel is a mid-century-modern oasis that promotes tranquility and inner peace. Its blend of thoughtful amenities with warm and friendly service demonstrates the love and passion that guides the concept of the property.

Owner & Managing Director, Masudur Khan, may know a thing or two about SaltLine Hotel and how to optimize the one of a kind experience.

Get an inside look at Masudur’s itinerary!

6 AM – Morning Workout

8 AM – Morning Coffee, Read News & Emails

10 AM – Daily Teams Meeting

12 PM – Property Walk

2 PM – Lunch with Team

3 PM – Business Phone Calls

4 PM – Zoom Meeting with Owners

5 PM – Brainstorm New Projects & Ideas

6 PM – Wrap the Day & Set Goals for Tomorrow

7 PM – Outdoor Activities & Beach with Family

8 PM – Dinner with Family

9 PM – Catch up on News & Podcast, Check Emails for Urgent Tasks – Evening Walk

SaltLine Hotel is a cherry-picked approved boutique hotel – view more details here!