The Artisans: Eric Jafari

Meet today’s artisan, Eric Jafari, who is Chief Development Officer and Creative Director at edyn!

Generation: Millennial

Hometown: Los Angeles

Day Job: Chief Development Officer & Creative Director at edyn

Night Job: Father to my two sons, husband, deep thinker, and self-actualisation seeker. 

Headquarters: London, UK

Instagram: @lockehotels ; @stay.cove

Tell us what you create: Sanctuaries where free thinkers belong.

Tell us your mission: To create soulful experiences that are profound and surprising.

Turing Locke | Cambridge, United Kingdom

Tell us how your hotel impacts the world in a positive way: We always endeavour to support local businesses. With each of our Locke locations, we work with local food and drink partners, as well as our popular cultural programs, supporting local artists and businesses. We recently launched our most sustainable property yet in Turing Locke, located in the heart of Cambridge’s sustainable new development, Eddington.

How are you an artisan?: They say that art and music precede speech. For years, art was perceived as two-dimensional (such as painting) until the advent of theatre immersed observers into something that felt three-dimensional, from a sensory standpoint (i.e., audio and visual).

From my perspective, the modern boutique hotel is one of the few five-dimensional modern art forms (audio, visual, scent, taste, and touch), allowing the observer to be a participant within the art form.  

A boutique hotel artisan is one that takes a deliberate approach in evoking each of the five senses.

Something that is coming up in the pipeline: We have a very exciting project for one of our brands Locke, we’ll be opening our second property in Munich in May 2022 – WunderLocke, continuing our European expansion.

Schwan Locke | Munich, Germany

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