The Artisans: Kevin O’Shea

Meet today’s artisan, Kevin O’Shea, who is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Salt Hotels!

Generation: Millennial 

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Day Job: Chief Creative Officer – Everything Creative

Night Job: Cooking and Entertaining 

Headquarters: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Instagram: @kevinosheadesigns

Tell us what you create: Remarkable hotels with amazing partners in fabulous locations.

The Aster | Los Angeles, California

Tell us your mission: To create authentic experiences that give our guests a true sense of place.

Tell us your most noteworthy achievement in hospitality: Our first hotel in Provincetown MA, Salt House Inn, everything was done by myself and David Bowd, my husband, from painting to graphics, to the breakfast that was served every morning. We completely ran it ourselves for the first few years, and it was the birth of the company we run today (and we still operate Salt House Inn!).

Salt House Inn | Provincetown, Massachusetts

Tell us how your hotels impact the world in a positive way: Through education and our Salt School initiative that provides free hospitality training in our various markets, giving people opportunities in the hospitality industry regardless of experience, background, or education.

If you had one day to experience your hotel, what would you do?: I would lay around the pool drinking rosé with dear friends, and my phone and computer would be off.

Hotel Greystone | Miami Beach, Florida

Tell us what your favorite part of being a boutique hotel operator is: I get to create amazing spaces every day with no rule book, no guidelines, and no brand standards. I get to question everything around me and create unique solutions to create truly magical spaces and experiences for our guests to experience.

Salt Hotels’ properties are cherry-picked approved boutique hotels.