The Artisans: Nick Knight

Meet today’s artisan, Nick Knight, who is the Director of Revenue & Distribution at ASH NYC!

Generation: Millennial

Hometown: New Baltimore (Suburb of Detroit), MI

Day Job: Director of Revenue & Distribution

Night Job: Father – Husband – Musician – Seeker – Appreciator

Headquarters: Detroit & NYC

Instagram: @ashnyc

Tell us what you create: “ASH NYC is a design and development firm with a mission of transforming spaces into multi-sensory, one-of-a-kind experiences.”

Tell us your mission: “To seek and enjoy. I aspire to learn, share, grow, and leave a measurable impact.”

Tell us your most noteworthy achievement in hospitality: “I opened a 25-story hotel in Downtown Detroit with 400 rooms, 20,000+ sq ft in catering/banquet space, and 4 different outlets in 2012 at the age of 24.”

Hotel Peter & Paul (Courtesy of Hotel Peter & Paul)

Tell us how your hotels impact the world in a positive way: “We aim to demonstrate that the inherent tension between capital and design can be harnessed to further the goals of both. The intersection of commerce and art is the dynamic core of our business.”

If you had one day to experience your hotel, what would you do?: “The Siren Hotel will always be my baby of the collection so I will use that as the example. I would make reservations in advance *insert wink* to all the bars and restaurants. Each one is so opposite from the next but so seamlessly tied together through the general vibe of the building. I would check-in to the hotel, grab a quick snack and coffee from The Siren Café then head up to my suite to relax for a bit. Then I would grab lunch at Karls, followed by a pre-dinner cocktail (or two) at Candy Bar. Next, I would have dinner at Albena followed by a long evening at Sid Gold’s Request Room before retiring to my suite. The next morning, I would grab breakfast at The Siren Café and enjoy it in the Hotel Lobby, while combing through the retail items inside of The Siren Shop.”

Tell us what your favorite part about being a boutique hotelier is: “Being a boutique hotelier helps you stay connected and contribute to helping your community become its best self.”

Something that is coming up in the pipeline: “Our forthcoming hotel, Ulysses, will be opening this year in Baltimore. It is undoubtedly going to make a list or two in the industry.”

The Siren Hotel (Courtesy of Christian Harder)

The Siren Hotel is a cherry-picked approved boutique hotel – view more details here!