The Fish House Dominating The East Side of New York City

A highlight overview of Lamia’s Fish Market in the East Village neighborhood of New York City

You will find that this stunning restaurant provides you with a whole new dining experience that you never could have imagined. Dara Young, the founder of Aviva Collective and 4FRONT Hospitality Development, had some thoughts on the interactiveness of this restaurant. “The moment you walk in Lamia’s Fish Market, you are meant to be transported to another world. Every one of the 7 distinct dining rooms offers a completely unique personality, giving guests a reason to keep coming back for something new and different. As you walk from room to room, you will notice we kept consistency throughout by repeating certain signature elements, but then gave every room its own focal point and identity.” So then, as you can see, this is a wonderful experience just waiting for you!

What Makes It Unique

This beautiful Boutique Restaurant boasts a wonderful design that you are not going to find anywhere else in NYC. Every single detail has been thought through before being included in the final design, and the result is something spectacular. Dara Young said, “No single piece that entered this space came in and was implemented as-is. From one-of-a-kind exposed brass regulators and illuminated nautical map tables to the suspended starfish slab ceiling. Essentially every detail that meets the eye – we built this space for holistic cohesion. A very small team of artisans poured love and intentionality into every element, juxtaposing historic nautical with modern components. We created shape with art in architecture. Everything was customized to fit this really unique cavernous eatery for an unforgettable dining experience.” The immersive design really brings you into a whole new world, and you can tell that there has been a lot of love has been put into bringing this to life

A Local Hangout

Lamia’s Fish Market serves as a great place for you to hang out with your friends and family, while also transporting you to a whole new world. When speaking about the design process, Young said “Lamia’s Fish Market offers all the warmth and accessibility of a go-to neighborhood hangout while serving as a destination location. When planning the design of the space, we paired the sophisticated, sexiness, and femininity of seafood with the grittiness of the Lower East Side. You can see celebrations of femininity around the room from the voluptuous sculptures, soft curves, and luxurious fabrics that soften the space. We give it back its edge with hand-painted sailor jerry tattoos on our illuminated globes, graffiti calligraphy, and moody industrial elements.”

StayBoutique has vetted this concept as an authentic Boutique Restaurant.

Images provided by Lamia’s Fish Market and Peter Ruprecht