The Metamorphosis of Contemporary Travel

The “Letter from the Editor” in the Winter 2020 edition of StayBoutique Magazine.

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I grew up traveling the world, I even had a first class airline ticket to London when I was nine months old. No, I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, but I grew up in the travel industry family. My Mother, as many of you call her Fran, Francesca or Frances, has been a very important figure in that world.

From a young age, I was able to see the evolution of the way we travel. Now, 25 years after that first class ticket to London, we are in a very pivotal part in our history. If we do things right, we could grow the industry to depths we had never seen before. What is important today are three things: an open mind, a daring mind and a creative mind. This is the time for creators and creatives to shine and we all know that the greatest ones are all on the boutique side of hospitality and travel.

This year’s theme for StayBoutique magazine is the “Metamorphosis of Contemporary Travel.” This came into thought while I was sitting in my garden and watched a Monarch butterfly come and sit on my chair. It was so beautiful, with so many colors and I couldn’t help but think of glorious it was. But of course, it grew and evolved to become such a beautiful creature….through metamorphosis. I strongly believe that this is the time where the boutique side of the travel and hospitality industries will unite and finally have their moment as they turn into that Monarch butterfly.

I hope you enjoy this edition and gain inspiration to be a part of the metamporphasis of cotemporary travel.

For the love of Boutique,


Ariela Kiradjian
Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director
StayBoutique Magazine

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