The New Paradigm

Adaption in the Boutique Community

By Ariela Kiradjian

As the Hospitality and Travel Industries navigate a new world,  there will be those that adapt to change, and those that refuse.If we look at the track record of boutique hotels and businesses, they have always been the first to get creative and adhere to a new normal. Through showcasing great examples of pivoting (the second biggest trend word next to Coronavirus), we hope to inspire our community of ways to embrace the journey we are all on together. 

Each week, BLLA and StayBoutique, will come out with a list of four companies that embrace this New Paradigm. This week’s list is comprised of blogs, hashtag campaigns, market deliveries and more digital wellness programs. 

Image Rights: THE PIG

THE PIG creates a blog
Founded by Robin and Judy Hutson

Named to soundlike a pub, THE PIG, is the brainchild of a husband-wife duo with a long history of evolving the British Hospitality Industry. When the virus hit, they decided to make it clear on their homepage what they were up to specifically on their Instagram, “so now you are all spending a lot more time in your own hideaways, we would love to bring our family and PIG spirit into your homes. We would love to share with you some of the discoveries, uplifting stories and few ideas for recreating our home-grown experiments yourselves.” 

Image Rights: Gurneys Resorts

Gurneys Resort Montauk creates #GoneHomewithGurneys
Founded by Maude Gurney
Owned by George Filopoulos and loyd Goldman
This boutique hotel’s story starts in 1926, a true original hotel in the Hamptons. Forward nearly a decade later, this property has become a unique experience curator and summer favorite to Manhattan locals. Every Saturday they’ll release a new spotify list so their followers can keep the party going.

Image Rights: Petit Ermitage

Petit Ermitage creates Grand Petit Bazaar Market
Owned by Stefan Ashkenazy
An intimate staple of exclusive LA culture, the Petit Ermitage has been a hideaway for locals and classy foreigners for many years. They have now opened up a bazaar (market) to create a source of revenue for the boutique property. They took inventory of what they had in their hotel and are now selling items online to bring the hotel experience to the home.

Amanyara creates digital wellness programs
Founded by Adrian Zecha
Owned by Vladislav Doronin

Aman resorts is a collection of luxury resorts all around the world. It’s history began in Singapore in 1988 and now boasts resorts all around the world and have become the leaders in wellness culture for travel. In today’s landscape, they decided to also provide digital wellness programs to their audience on their Instagram page. From yoga classes to nutritional cooking recipes, they are providing short and informative content to make their followers feel as though they’re on the island.