The New Paradigm: Week 02

Adaption in the Boutique Community

By Ariela Kiradjian

As the Hospitality and Travel Industries navigate a new world,  there will be those that adapt to change, and those that refuse.If we look at the track record of boutique hotels and businesses, they have always been the first to get creative and adhere to a new normal. Through showcasing great examples of pivoting (the second biggest trend word next to Coronavirus), we hope to inspire our community of ways to embrace the journey we are all on together.

Each week, BLLA and StayBoutique, will come out with a list of four companies that embrace this New Paradigm. This week’s list is comprised of wilderness education, digital wellness, online membership and mind, body and soul interactions. 

  1. The Resort at Paws Up creates Live from Big Sky Country

    Out in Montana (which we foresee will greatly rise in tourism over the next twelve months), this boutique resort has always valued wildlife. Thus, to adapt to the new environment, they decided to create a range of wildlife educational programs and wellness-meets-nature fitness programs, using Instagram as their platform. They are calling this program “Live from Big Sky Country” where they are gathering all different types of experts to entertain their audience.

  2. Amrit Ocean Resort creates Digital Wellness Programming
    Founded by Dilip Barot

    This BLLA member has a core value of wellness, and this value has been the nucleus of all aspects of the resort. They are slated to open in the middle of this year but until then, they decided to keep engaged with their audience and begin online wellness programs. By utilizing the power of social media, they have created all types of content from sound baths to body alignment to managing stress. Through isolation, we will all bear the side effects, so how this hotel is offering free wellness programs will not only keep them in contact with their audience, but also it shows how they are helping the community as a whole while we all go through the most stressful time in our history.

  3. The Fitler Club
    Founded by David Gutstadt

    Experience curator, Gutstadt, knows how to curate memories and that is just what he did with his new boutique brand out in Philadelphia. Fitler Club offers overnight, lifestyle, wellness, coworking, fitness and dining experiences. Due to the fact that this boutique brand has always offered a multitude of programming, they decided to bring their membership to the world by offering online events, using the platform, Instagram Live.

  4. The Assemblage creates Body, Mind and Soul Programming
    Founded by Rodrigo Niño and Magdalena Sartori

    The Assemblage is a boutique social club and one of their properties is also a residential boutique hotel. Last week, they launched a slew of different resources for their audience. First they created The Hub which includes a daily calendar of live programming where all the content created here is created by their own members. Next they created a Daily Contemplation Program and something they call “Mozaic” which focuses on the mind and wisdom. They also came up with Akasha which is a game to access your “personal blueprint” and lastly, evening conversations to continue their typical events online.

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Check back next Wednesday to discover four more boutique hotel adapting to The New Paradigm.