Our Launch and Purpose

Hi, and welcome to the new Stay Boutique website.  We’re excited to have you here, and hope you take a look around.  We have a lot in store for the coming year, and invite you to join us on this journey.

In the two years of its existence, Stay Boutique has undergone an abundance of identities as we’ve tried to find ourselves.  To those of you who have stayed with us through it all, thank you. We’re finally ready to settle into ourselves, and you, the Boutique Believers,  have been our inspiration.

Let’s begin with who you are; our reader.  Fifty percent of our parent company’s members are boutique hoteliers.  Thirty-three percent are suppliers. Six percent are designers. The remaining eleven percent of you are beverage providers, retailers, travel agencies, and event planners, all essential to the growth of the boutique hospitality industry.  Those of you coming from BLLA shave been with us through what we’ve called the “boutique hotel movement;” the period during which we’ve watched the boutique hotel progress from a near-extinct entity to one of the most prosperous facets of the hospitality industry, what was in 2009 considered an impossible feat.  You, the BLLA members, have made this happen through your innovative imaginations, motivations to evolve, visions for the future of hospitality, and extensive work. For ten years, BLLA has provided a place for you to meet, converse, and collaborate, fostering what is now a flourishing community.

In 2017 the BLLA team held a meeting during which the evolution of boutique hospitality was discussed, particularly concerning a surge of multi-concept collaborative hotels and brands.  It was from that conversation that the BLLA team began to note the parallels and overlaps between “boutique” brands held potential to be interpreted across a multitude of mediums, as has been realized historically between boutique hospitality and retail, from the Shinola Hotel in Detroit to the Palazzo Versace.  It was this understanding that led to the formation of Stay Boutique, a media platform for what we then described as the “boutique industry;” a space for visionaries of this boutique phenomenon to have what BLLA had provided to the boutique hospitality community.

Stay Boutique was born an abstraction; a fragmented concept with a deeply perceptive and progressive purpose.  As such, our first few incarnations were complex to say the least – a bit disorganized and chaotic, but without those events and experiences, we would not have been able to come into who we are, and so for the critiques and supports with which we were met, we are quite thankful.

We are a media platform for the evolving boutique hospitality and concept industry, which we accomplish through our new digital ecosystem as well as our events.  As industries converge to cater to increasingly sophisticated consumer demands, the purpose of the hotel becomes increasingly multifaceted, a development in which creativity and innovation reign supreme.  We are amidst something of a modern renaissance, wherein the purpose of public spaces, a concept nearly eliminated by digital commerce, is being reimagined and repurposed, much like the reinterpreted philosophers that drove the European Renaissance.  Boutique hotels, forever our first love, stand at the forefront of these changes, but as time goes on and multi-concept ventures become increasingly intertwined, we find that engagement amongst a multitude of boutique business structures is key to success.

The boutique business model maintains the greatest advantage in evolving with modern consumer culture, an understanding that we will celebrate and explore throughout the articles on this site alongside insights from Boutique’s greatest minds, all with a heavy focus on boutique hospitality.  Stay Boutique exists as a resource to assist in the boutique hotelier and entrepreneurs growth, encourage connections between them through membership and our live conferences, and introduce travelers to the possibilities boutique travel has to offer through our new city guides.

To those of you who have stayed with us, thank you.  To those of you joining our journey, welcome. We are looking forward to this next adventure, and are thrilled to be taking you with us.

With Love,

The Stay Boutique Team