What Inspires the Boutique Hospitality PR Guru

Take a look at the items and people that keep Sarah Evans motivated in her “Mood Board.” 

The Co-Owner of J Public Relations, Sarah Evans is an inspiration to women who are looking to rise to the top of a competitive industry. Her company is focused on creating relevant and compelling public relations and social campaigns for their clients with a reach around the globe. Indeed, they have offices in London, New York and California with plans to expand further in the future. 

With a 360 view of the travel industry Sarah is known as one of the most powerful names within the public relations world. She is a highly trusted source and has a staggering 160 clients across 6 different continents. Many of her clients manage hotels including the Ritz-Carlton, Jumeirah Hotels and the Gramercy Park Hotel. She and her business partner were described by Forbes as “The Women Who Are Deciding Where You Travel.”

While Sarah is passionate about her work, she is also family orientated and sees her family as a key inspiration for her. She wants to make sure that her young girls recognize that a woman can have it all, rising to the top in the business world. 

She has various other inspirations too, discussing her love for Ariana Huffington and her book ‘Thrive.’ She follows her work vividly and believes it has helped her find the right path when navigating the industry. 

Sarah also sources health and fitness activities as a source of inspiration as well as various other entertainment options including podcasts. 

My family 

My husband and I have 3 young daughters, Stella, Sloane and Sophia, (and a Maltipoo, Bear!) Being the best I can be for my family is a key driver for me. I want my girls to know that you can be a loving and present parent, while also working hard and having a career you love. To know that you can be both kind and strong, that you can work hard and still have fun, that traveling and making memories outweighs anything material, that traditions are important, sometimes the biggest risks are the greatest rewards and that being nice gets you everywhere. 

Ariana Huffington

I first read Ariana Huffington’s Book “Thrive” in 2017. I’ve since reread it twice. I subscribe to her newsletter and I’m a super fan of Thrive Global. For so many years our society trained us that working hard equated to success – that the person wins who works the hardest and answered the email first. She flipped the script and helped me to understand that of course you work hard, but also disconnecting and clearing your mind leads to the best, most meaningful work, and the best version of you. And, sleep. Sleep is a key pillar to success.


Health and wellness are paramount to me feeling my best. With 3 kids, a very full-time job, a commute and travel, it’s hard to always prioritize this but its key that I do in order to feel good mentally and physically. Years ago I started boxing at Gotham Gym when it first opened in NYC, and I haven’t looked back. Boxing is so great for me because it quiets my mind, but it’s so intense at the same time. I now box a couple of times a week with a trainer close to my house in Darien, Connecticut. It helps me to focus and is a major stress reliever. 


Travel is a major source of inspiration and happiness for me. I love seeing new places, experiencing a new culture and making memories. I love hotels – I REALLY love hotels. So traveling for work means getting to experience a property from the inside out, which is so exciting to me. When I’m traveling with my family, it’s definitely about experiencing a new place and culture, but it’s really about making memories and being together outside of our day-to-day routine. 

I’ve always loved the media. My Dad is a journalist and if I didn’t go into PR, I wanted to be an on-air broadcaster (Katie Couric and Oprah were my idols from a young age) or an Entertainment Lawyer. Today I look to the media as a huge source of inspiration. I have so many favorites but my no-fail go-tos are the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Town & Country, Robb Report, Departures and Elle Decor. I’m also a big Well + Good fan and use it as a daily dose of health and wellness advice. And, I’m always looking at Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur to be inspired for business.

I love podcasts because they’re such a source of learning for me. I have a chance to stop and listen, and to get a more intimate look into someone’s story. A few of my favorites are CNN Boss Files, WSJ’s Secrets of Wealthy Women, goop, and of course, JPR’s Priority Status, where we give an inside look at industry leaders. On Priority Status, I’ve interviewed top media and  brands such as Virtuoso, SmartFlyer, Montage and The Hartling Group. Hearing about how their journeys started and where they are today is always inspiring. 

After I first read Ariana Huffington’s Thrive in 2017, I was inspired to start meditating. I was always curious about meditation but didn’t think that my always busy mind was capable. I started small and meditated about 10 minutes a day, and I noticed what a difference it made for allowing me to feeling calmer, more present and my ability to focus. I’m still not perfect, but today I try to meditate 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes at a time. I typically do it on my train into the city, which gives me time to stop and breathe before jumping into my work day. My favorite place to mediate is at the beach.