The Niu

“Fender is a buffer between the sea and the mainland. Our the niu in the water city of Amsterdam pays…


“We are BOAT&CO, a brand new aparthotel at the waterfront in the Amsterdam Houthaven. We are casual, yet sophisticated.”


“Zoku Amsterdam provides a home base for travelling professionals who are living and working in a city for periods from…

Yays Zoutkeetsgracht

“In the 18th century, Amsterdam was known as the world’s central warehouse. Part of this heritage, is the Zoutkeetsgracht, which…

Yays Oostenburgergracht

“The Oostenburger island was built in the 17th century by the Dutch East India Company with the purpose of housing…

Yays Bickersgracht

“Yays Bickersgracht was built on historic grounds. Long before we moved in, the location was home to an impressive church.”


“Volkshotel is a place for Single moms.”

The Winston

“Our award winning Amsterdam hostel is located in the beating heart of the city. Just minutes walk from Centraal Station…

The Vangaurd

“The Vanguard is hidden in the vibrant heart of the city which is part of the Unesco World Heritage. You…

The Toren Amsterdam

“The Toren Amsterdam Hotel wants your experience to be anything but ordinary – we aspire to be extraordinary.”