The Artisans: Charlotte Gomez de Orozco

Meet today’s artisan, Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, who is the Founder of HOY Hotel Paris!

Generation: Millennial 

Hometown: Paris

Day Job: Gathering around well-being

Night Job: Yoga & food tasting

Headquarters: Paris – HOY HOTEL 

Instagram: @chagdeo, @hoyparis

Tell us what you create: The first yoga hotel in Paris. I like to create unique experiences around holistic therapies that heal the body and the mind.

Tell us your mission: My personal mission is to translate with words all the potential that I see and get things done to be able to create the best possible experiences for people.

Tell us your most noteworthy achievement in hospitality: Getting investors to believe that a yoga hotel would be a great investment.

HOY Hotel Paris | Paris, France

Tell us how your hotel impacts the world in a positive way: We not only work with locals, support local charities, and are a sustainable hotel, but we also believe in internal sustainability by offering yoga classes to our staff as well as holistic therapies, plant-based courses, and more. Our plant-based menu is created around mindful food to inform our clients and educate them about the importance of food for our bodies but also for the environment.

If you had one day to experience your hotel, what would you do?: Attend an early meditation, followed by a yoga class. Then, have our amazing plant-based pancakes. I would work during the day and end with a sound healing class and some night mezcalitas and corn tacos at the bar!

HOY Hotel Paris | Paris, France

Tell us what your favorite part of being a boutique hotel operator is: My favorite part of being a boutique hotel operator is being able to create, change, and adapt to any type of experience whenever you want! Taking feedback from our clients and getting inspired by them and their past experiences to get better!

Tell us something that is coming up in the pipeline: Creating HOY retreats all over the world.