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Transformed from the (Travel Industry) Executive Women’s Conference, The Female Empowerment Edition recognizes women internationally who lead in fields related to boutique, hospitality, travel, and tourism. This conference consciously creates a forum for women to support each other and to discuss, debate, and deliberate on issues of importance as it relates to the modern female achiever. As our community grows, we feel it’s important to tackle issues that influential women in the travel, tourism, boutique, and hospitality spaces much face. We consciously support all avenues to success for our network of femme entrepreneurs and professionals.


Date & Time

March 8, 2018


SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

Featured Speakers

Additional Speakers

Ariela Kiradjian
COO, BLLA & Co-Founder, Stay Boutique

Vela McClam Mitchell
Founder and CEO, VIMM Global Distribution, Inc.

Jagruti Panwala
Treasurer, Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)

Renie Cavallari
Founder, CEO, and Chief Instigator at Aspire

Vanessa Ogle
CEO and Founder of Enseo

Caroline MacDonald
VP of Sales and Marketing, Americas and Europe at Rosewood Hotels

Denise Korn
Principal and Owner of Korn Design

Rebecca Luong
Design Principal for STYLE

Terri Haack
President at Terranea Resort

Anne Boysen
Founder, After the Millennials

Beth Whitman
Travel expert and the Chief Wanderer at Wanderlust and Lipstick and WanderTours

Lisa Israelovitch
Founder & CEO of Umapped

Henry Harteveldt
Founder, Atmosphere Research

Kristie Goshow
Cheif Marketing Officer at Preferred Hotel Group

Anastasia Mann
Chairman/CEO of Corniche Group

Carol Murray
Leadership, Executive Team & Organizational Development Expert

Meg Prendergast
Principal, The Gettys Group

Jessica Blotter
CEO & Co-Founder of Kind Traveler

Mari Balestrazzi
Vice President of Americas Design Services for Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Kelley Louise
Founder and Executive Director of Impact Travel Alliance

Caren De'ath
Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Strategist at Hotel Tech Consulting

Andi Mcclure-Mysza
Senior VP, Leisure at MTravel


Breakfast refreshments: Freshly brewed regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas and a selection of fresh muffins, butter croissants & danish served with honey, organic butter and fruit preserves.

With 25 years of experience coaching senior executives and their teams, Carol Murray co-Founder of the Lifework Institute has aided thousands of professionals looking to enhance their natural leadership abilities.  She joins us today to share her insights on the practices most fruitful for women aiming to rise to the next level of achievement in their corporate pursuits in the travel, tourism & hospitality industries.

Not only have women long been an integral part of the development and progression of the tech world, but they make up a majority of the work force in the travel and tourism sectors. Our panelists are founders, executives, and directors for their respective brands. We’ll be hearing from these industry leaders on how the landscape has changed for professional women who find themselves operating at the intersection of these two massive industries.


Caren de’Ath President at Hotels Tech Consulting Inc.

Lisa Israelovitch Co-Founder and CEO of Umapped 

Lauren Hall Founder and CEO at iVvy

Vanessa Ogle CEO and Chair of the Board at Enseo

Men and women are fundamentally different, and we have different strengths. Methods that lead to male success may not be the ideal methods for women pursuing leadership roles. We will discuss what works in today’s professional climate for women climbing the corporate ladder.


Renie Cavallari Founder, CEO, and Chief Instigator at Aspire

Jagruti Panwala Treasurer,  Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA

Denise Korn Principal and Owner of Korn Design

Terri Haack President at Terranea Resort/Destination Hotels

In today’s business environment, the boundaries between life and work continue to converge. Female professionals, often recognized as highly efficient multitaskers, are driving this shift by blending the intentions behind their business as well as leisure travels. Whether making the decision on where to take their family on vacation, or where to dine for their next anniversary celebration, buying power truly lies with women. It is important then, to design with a female patron in mind. What appeals to the female traveler and what are the best practices to implement? Meg Prendergast of The Gettys Group leads our panel with emerging female-led trends.


Meg Prendergast Principal, The Gettys Group, Inc.

Mari Balestrazzi Vice President of Americas Design Services for Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Rebecca Luong Design Principal for STYLE

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The Bazaar by Jose Andres

Before BLLA made it it’s mission to make boutique hotels mainstream, people simply defined them as properties with a limited number of rooms, and personality. The same could be said of cruise ships. The pioneers of the boutique experience, if you will, cruise ships and lifestyle hotels crystallized the idea that lasting, impactful experiences are facilitated by venues with luxury amenities, communal spaces and lots of pizzazz.  Ponant Cruises, Preferred Hotels and Resorts and Rosewood Hotels personify luxury on and off land. Our panelists are ranking members in these prestigious organizations, and join us today to talk luxury, boutique, and their experience as women who dominate in their industries.


Edie Rodriguez Americas Brand Chairman and Corporate Special Advisor at Ponant

Caroline MacDonald VP of Sales and Marketing, Americas and Europe at Rosewood Hotels

Kristie Goshow Chief Marketing Officer at Preferred Hotel Group

With the advent of mobile technologies and the connected-ness of our society, you might think travel agencies had been phased out of relevancy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Apps have become a force in the world of travel booking, no doubt about that. BUT, innovations are being made that allow agencies to operate in a much broader sense than what we have seen in years past. Our panelists will discuss the changes in travel trends they’ve witnessed in their years owning and operating agencies.


Vela McClam Mitchell Founder and CEO, VIMM Global Distribution, Inc.

Anastasia Mann Chairman/CEO of Corniche Group, Inc.

Andi McClure-Mysza, Head of Montrose Travel

Representation is increasing for women and minorities in leadership roles. How come then, do we not see any female headed airlines? In a recent article, Skift reported that “Only twelve out of the 248 airlines operating worldwide are currently led by women.” We’re going to dissect that and ask the question: what if a woman ran an airline?


Moderator: Henry Harteveldt Founder, Atmosphere Research

Bonny Simi President, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Joanne Smith E.V.P. and Chief Human Resources Officer at Delta Air Lines

Refreshments: Freshly brewed regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a selection of teas. For snack options, we have Trail It Break Bowls of house made granola, dried fruits, chopped peanuts, almonds and cashews, pistachios, chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

With a master’s degree in Strategic Foresight, Anne Boysen uses her background in market research and knowledge that the coming generations will be the shapers of tomorrow to educate institutions globally. Foresight is an invaluable gift. We’re honored to have Anne present her predictions for the coming years as pertains to women navigating corporate ladders, and what qualities tomorrow’s leaders will need to possess.

We’re living in the height of the digital age. Everything we do today is shared, retweeted, forwarded, liked, or commented on. While many have made note of the vanity in living your life online, few have touched on the positive outcomes resulting from exposure. Travel bloggers inspire not only wanderlust, but interest in other people and their environments. Our panelists join us today to give an insider perspective on how bloggers empower global communities and how the internet has facilitated positive change.


Jessica Blotter CEO & Co-Founder of Kind Traveler

Kelley Louise Founder and Executive Director of Impact Travel Alliance

Beth Whitman Travel expert and the Chief Wanderer at Wanderlust and Lipstick and WanderTours

Ariela Kiradjian VP at BLLA Founder at Stay Boutique Media

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