About the Event

BLLA and StayBoutique’s Female Empowerment Conference is an offline gathering of enlightened women in the travel, boutique and hospitality industries.

Transformed from the (Travel Industry) Executive Women’s Conference, BLLA and StayBoutique’s Female Empowerment Conference recognizes women internationally who lead in fields related to boutique, hospitality, travel, and tourism. This conference consciously creates a forum for women to support each other and to discuss, debate, and deliberate on issues of importance as it relates to the modern female achiever. As our community grows, we feel it’s important to tackle issues that influential women in the travel, tourism, boutique, and hospitality spaces must face. We consciously support all avenues to success for our network of femme entrepreneurs and professionals.

Please click “Get Tickets” to apply to register for the conference! We will let you know within three days if you have been accepted to participate.

2020 Series

This year’s theme will be The Enlightened Women of Our Age.

We rally women in the travel, hospitality and boutique industries to evoke contemporary change and support each other as a community. 

With this conference series, we have focused around the growing influence of women in these fields. This is the platform where you will be challenged to think new thoughts and champion the cause of inclusivity. 

We view this conference series as a Women’s type of Coffee House or Salon, reserved for bold women with the feminine eye. 

Our attendees come to feel empowered, gain the right resources, make strategic interactions, and celebrate the growing movement of modern feminism. 

We are crusaders and intellectuals coming together with the same goal. Together, let us defy the convention of sameness.  Words spark movements, so let us come together and get the conversation going. 

Join fellow believers in changing the status quo on March 8-9, 2020 in Los Angeles. 



Ticketing Information

General Admission Tickets
Access to the Conference & Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group

Member: $195
Non-Member: $295

VIP Tickets
Access to the Conference, Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group, Invitation to the VIP After Party, Priority Seating and Gift Bag.

Member: $295
Non-Member: $395

Book Your Hotel Stay at The Hotel Figueroa for $199/Night!

Special Discount for Attendees
Speaker, Olivia Young, is hosting a pop-up working on Sunday, March 8 at 1:30 PM for a special series of Box + Flow. Since we will all be drinking that evening, it would be smart to get a good work out in before!
Location: The Space SaMo
Email info@boxandflow.com to reserve your spot
Registered attendees get a discount
(email the StayBoutique team for the code)

Confirmed Speakers

Helene Henderson, Founder, Malibu Farm
Seija Ojanpera, Founder, The Dwell Hotel
Olivia Young, Founder, Box + Flow
Lisa Odenweller, Founder, Kroma Superfoods
Mary Bartlett, Co-Founder, Future Gin
Amy Atwood, Co-Founder, Future Gin
Jersey Banks, Partner, The Dive Motel and Urban Cowboy
Devon Tarby, Partner, Proprietors LLC
Ashley Wells, Co-Owner, All Time
Remy Allis, Founder, Allis
Tia Graham, Founder, Arrive At Happy
Angela Setters Bessard, Founder & CEO, Conquer Credit Management
Christine Yi, Co-Founder, Potli
Zlata Stanislavovna Sushchik, Founder & CEO, HURO
Emilie Hoyt, Founder, LATHER
Annabel Lawee, Founder & CEO, Breeze
Dorian Morris, Founder & CEO, Undefined Beauty
Bianca Monica, Founder, Limone Creative
Diana Bianchini, Founder, Di Moda Public Relations
Jane Lerman, Founder, L.E.R Public Relations
Kendra Norwood, West Coast Lead, Cannaclusive
Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Partners, BLLA and StayBoutique


This was by first time attending the BLLA Female Empowerment Conference and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! It was an amazing conference in an amazing venue with amazing women! The ahenda hit the mark on many levels. The panels and speakers were dynamic, informative and fun.

Lillian Lepore-KW Commercial DTLA

It was so refreshing to be in a room filled with powerful women in hospitality! I loved the fashion forward looks as well as no stuffy suits. There were lots of forward thinking ideas and I felt that I made meaningful connections with others in the industry.

Priti Patel

I have been to many travel industry executive women’s conferences and meetings, and beyond a doubt this was the most well done and most important event for women in our industry today.

Peggy Lee

This event sparked something within me and I came back to my office eager to share ideas and opportunities that the company should explore.

Crystal Walker Cole

Sponsorship & Exhibiting Information

Please email the team to enquire at info@stay-boutique.com

Past Year’s Editions

2018 Female Empowerment Recap
2019 Female Empowerment Recap


Date & Time

March 8th 6-8 PM / March 9th 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM


Hotel Figueroa Downtown LA 939 S Figueroa St. (WELCOME PARTY - March 8th 6-8pm, Tom's Watchbar L.A. Live, 1011 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015)

Featured Speakers

Additional Speakers

Helene Henderson
Founder, Malibu Farm

Devon Tarby
Partner, Proprietors LLC

Ashley Wells
Co-Founder, All Time

Amy Atwood
Co-Founder, Future Gin

Mary Bartlett
Co-Founder, Future Gin

Christine Yi
Co-Founder, Potli

Bianca Monica
Founder, Limone Creative

Diana Bianchini
Founder, Di Moda Public Relations

Remy Allis
Founder, ALLIS

Frances & Ariela Kiradjian
Partners, BLLA & Founders, StayBoutique

Zlata Stanislavovna Sushchik
Co-Founder, HURO

Annabel Lawee
Founder & CEO, Breeze

Dorian Morrise
Founder & CEO, Undefined Beauty

Jane Lerman
Founder, L.E.R. PR

Kendra Norwood
West Coast Lead, Cannaclusive

Emilie Hoyt
Founder, LATHER


Agenda - March 9, 2020

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day (Unless You Intermittent Fast) 

Come early, get some grub and get to know fellow participants. The Hotel Figueroa & APICII have come together to create a refreshing breakfast.

Hello from the Mother-Daughter Duo of Boutique

These two annually produce this conference to bring together minds that support women in Travel, Hospitality and Boutique. Hear the story behind this event and what to expect throughout the day. 

with Frances & Ariela Kiradjian, Partners, BLLA & StayBoutique

Happiness is Your Superpower

This keynote session is designed for disruptive, female leaders. Attendees will learn about The Science of Happiness, Harvard’s SPIRE Model of Wellbeing, and Elevating Happiness at Work. Female leaders will leave with tangible ways to elevate their personal and professional happiness and how to make their teams happier. It is for leaders who want to take charge of their teams, their industry and their lives. The talk will be inspirational, humorous, and educational. Get ready to elevate your happy!

with Tia Graham, Founder, Arrive At Happy

The Impact of Transparency

The California wellness lifestyle is one that many attempt to replicate across the globe, but none have mastered providing a boutique eating experience like Helene Henderson, the mind behind Malibu Farm. Many Angelenos know the cultural staple of Helene’s restaurant and cafe on the Malibu Pier; however, many do not know that she has massively expanded her brand across the globe from Tokyo to Dubai. Hear Helene’s journey of creating a transparent culinary brand.

with Helene Henderson, Founder, Malibu Farm

Interviewed by Ariela Kiradjian

Driving Your Career with Equality in Mind

There is no doubt that women have been getting more support in hospitality than ever. But why is that? What lead to the change in the way the industry viewed women? Listen to two key leaders on the Food & Beverage side of Hospitality on why they believe men are a key reason to the growth of female empowerment and how they view the industry as an emerging platform for inclusivity.

with Devon Tarby, PartnerProprietors LLC
Ashley Wells, Co-OwnerAll Time

Interviewed by Diana Bianchini, Founder, Di Moda Public Relations

How To Brand Boutique: A Framework for Positioning with Impact

Brand building is as much about what you offer as knowing (and evangelizing) what need you are fulfilling. Unlocking the cultural reason you exist gives flesh to brand bones which the world of boutique can uniquely capitalize on. Remy Allis, founder and strategist of Allis, a boutique luxury branding agency, will uncover the framework her firm uses to construct new-to-world brands that are culturally relevant and insatiably coveted. Special guests will discuss how they used this thinking as well as their size, bravery and agility to craft their boutique brands with impact.

with Remy Allis, Founder, Allis 

The Fight for Purpose

Olivia Young is the essence of the mindset to “Liv Young,” the name she goes by as a motivational figure. In 2009, she set out for the Big Apple and had a dream, a dream to create a company she was passionate about. Her journey began at culinary school then to a global hospitality brand. Even through long work hours, she woke up every morning to workout no matter what and chose self care over “old boys club” meetings late at night. Through her love for wellness, Olivia realized a gap in the fitness industry, a mixture of a body and a mind workout, thus her creation of Box + Flow-part boxing, part yoga experience. Hear Olivia’s words on her Fight for Purpose.

with Olivia Young, FounderBox + Flow

Interviewed by Ariela Kiradjian

Defying Travel Food, Defying the Norm

Travel has been an increasingly profitable industry in the world from the jump in hotel developments to the massive increase of flyers each year. Alongside the rising power of the Travel Industry, the Wellness Industry has followed. But there is one thing that has not made sense, why aren’t the two industries working together? Why can’t you stay healthy and travel? Hear from Breeze’s Founder, Annabel, on her story of creating and funding her company and her view on the future of Wellness entering the Travel Industry.

with Annabel Lawee, Founder & CEO, Breeze

Bridging the Gap: Cannabis and Hospitality

This past year, cannabis has been making headlines across a plethora of industries. Hotels and establishments have been finding ways to capitalize on CBD but we haven’t seen their full potential just yet. What does cannabis culture mean to the hospitality industry, how do hoteliers embrace it and what does the future look like as industries continue to hold hands? Learn the ins and outs of navigating the cannabis space and embrace a world where cannabis and hospitality meet. Also, gain insights on how women in this space plan to make this emerging power industry inclusive.

with Christine Yi, Co-Founder, Potli

and Dorian Morris, Founder & CEO, Undefined Beauty

and Jane Lerman, Founder & CEO, L.E.R PR

and Kendra Norwood, West Coast Lead, Cannaclusive

Interviewed by Bianca Monica, FounderLimone Creative

The Refresher

Use this time to take in the Los Angeles sun, dip a toe in the pool, chow down, drink up and get to telling your story to this amazing group of participants. The Hotel Figueroa and APICII have created a revitalizing menu and a relaxing environment for today’s lunch.

An Original Clean Beauty Pioneer

As a purveyor of Clean Beauty, many years before the rise of this trend, Emilie has been disrupting the Beauty Industry since 1999. Her company, LATHER, holds the essence of the California sunshine with the power of the natural earth to create skincare and body products that are healthy for the mind, body and soul. LATHER has succeeded not only in the retail space but also the hotel space, overall creating a following of lovers. Hear her  journey as an entrepreneur and how she has navigated this fragmented industry.

with Emilie Hoyt, Founder, LATHER

From Fitness to Robots

When you think of Robotics, you probably imagine men crowded in a room and you probably wouldn’t think of a well-dressed woman leading the group. Well, for Zlata, she is determined to change that. Beginning as one of the world’s first fitness bloggers to creating a robot meant to give women in the world more time to do what they are meant to do, this entrepreneur is ready to disrupt yet another industry. Hear from Zlata on her tips and tricks for defying norms.

with Zlata Stanislavovna Sushchik, Founder & CEO, HURO

Interviewed by Nan Richardson, Sn Director of Business Dev, ACS

The Girl WHO Said YES! Mastering Your Mind Around Success and Money.

Let’s talk about the word YES! We have seen the movies and cried, watched the so called perfect person receive an award and yelled at the top of our lungs, but how do we view our own success? When we look in the mirror who do we see, a girl under construction or a finished powerhouse! As we explore saying yes to you first, we can start to unravel the things that stop us from being the best version of ourselves today and forever! Through saying YES, also learn how to be financially fit and as a woman, take charge of an area that for hundreds of years only men handled.

with Angela Setters Bessard, Founder & CEO, Conquer Credit Management

The Success of “Failure”

Making a big mark in the wellness industry is a tough milestone to hit but Lisa Odenweller is a mastermind behind creating wellness brands that focus around simplifying healthy eating. Most Angelenos know of Beaming, the local’s favorite juice and smoothie bar, well Lisa foresaw the rise of wellness and believed in this movement that lead to the creation of Beaming. After a struggling time leaving her first love, she set out for a new start…Kroma Superfoods (which is now even sold at the cult-favorite, Erewhon). Listen to Lisa’s story of success, failures and coping with a career loss.

with Lisa Odenweller, Founder, Beaming & KROMA

Interviewed by Frances Kiradjian

The Side Hustle

We all have passions in life, but to be able to balance a passion with a profitable company is an art. Future Gin was created by four women who all had a deep love for both gin and California. Amy comes from OENO Wines, Mary comes from ArcLight Cinemas, Natasha comes from Coolhaus and Freya comes from The Spirit Guild-together they had a side hustle that turned in an emerging company. Listen to two of the Founders as they discuss the art of the side hustle.

with Mary Bartlett & Amy Atwood, Founders, Future Gin

The Rise of Boutique, The Rise of Culture

Over the past decade, women have slowly, but surely begun to lead the hospitality industry-specifically on the boutique side. And this is no coincidence, that as the industry slowly becomes more inclusive that the hotels themselves have become a culturally relevant entity in the world. Listen to two entrepreneurs who have not only created fabulous boutique overnight experiences but also have amassed a following focused around the culture they produce.

with Seija Ojanpera, Founder, The Dwell Hotel

Jersey Banks, Partner, The Dive Motel and Urban Cowboy

The Finale

For those that upgraded their tickets to VIP-head over to Rick’s, grab a drink and finish off the day with those last few connections. This group will be able to network in a more intimate environment, allowing for more organic conversations to be created.

Common Questions

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Women and men who believe in inclusivity in the Hospitality and Boutique industries. We will be hosting 150 powerful thinkers who range from Boutique Hotel & Concept owners, c-level executives, designers, architects and vendors. We will also be welcoming leaders in the travel industry as well.

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